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The Complete Glass Toughening Solution

CDS Group together with Tuffplant, operates in partnersip to meet the needs of medium-sized glass processing companies wishing to take control of their own glass tempering requirements.

Our glass tempering system will produce fully toughened glass to the very highest quality, processing a comprehensive range of glass including:

CDS Glass and Kilns arrowFloat CDS Glass and Kilns arrow Tinted CDS Glass and Kilns arrowSpecials CDS Glass and Kilns arrowLow 'E' Hard Coat
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowClear CDS Glass and Kilns arrowPatterened CDS Glass and Kilns arrowScreen Printed CDS Glass and Kilns arrowLow 'E' Soft Coat
Included with the System...
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowFull installation and set-up CDS Glass and Kilns arrow12 months service contract
CDS Glass and Kilns arrow12 months full warranty CDS Glass and Kilns arrow18 months warranty on motor
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowUnique 24 hours cover (in UK) CDS Glass and Kilns arrowElectrical drawings and software backup supplied


CDS Glass & Kiln tempering system
Tuffplant Glass tempering system


CDS Glass and Kilns arrowFully British-built machine CDS Glass and Kilns arrowOpen maintenance system with detailed documentation
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowISO 9001 conformity CDS Glass and Kilns arrowSystem complies with European GGF STD 4.4 Standards
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowEurotherm software CDS Glass and Kilns arrowNo need for special foundations or civil work to factory floor
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowProven, established software CDS Glass and Kilns arrowPolished fused silica rollers in the furnace section
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowRadiant type heater modules CDS Glass and Kilns arrowSteel, heavy-duty rubber-covered rollers on the load section
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowLower imbedded heating elements CDS Glass and Kilns arrowPrecision aluminium extruded sections to carry the conveyor system
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowAll conveyor drives T.E.F.V. motors CDS Glass and Kilns arrowUnique hyrdaulic lifting system in furnace to facilitate ease of cleaning & maintenance
CDS Glass and Kilns arrowAll internal wiring between machine and control panel supplied CDS Glass and Kilns arrowFull compliment of spares provided
Load Table
Width x Length (mm)
Heating Quench Total Power Installed
Load Area
Overall Length
4mm Output at 80%
utlisation (m²)
1100 x 1800 160 130 300 1.9 9.5 32
1300 x 1200 100 90 200 1.5 7.2 25
1300 x 2700 225 185 420 3.5 14 56
1500 x 3000 290 260 560 4.5 15 72
1750 x 2000 225 185 420 3.5 11 56
1750 x 3200 350 300 660 5.6 16 89
2100 x 3600 500 350 900 7.5 18 120
Typical Production Rates (clear float glass) Typical Energy Consumption
  Glass Thickness (mm) 4 5 6 8 10 12 15
  Loads per Hour 20 18 15 11 9 7 6
  Glass Thickness (mm) 4 5 6 8 10 12 15
  kW Hour / m² 3.5 3.9 4 4.8 6 7 10
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