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CDS Curing Systems Brochure 2016

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CDS opens its New Jersey Office.

USA Office: +1 (973) 641 6857
USA Cell: +1 (973) 641 5663

CDS unveils EcoCure - the most energy efficient curing system to date

CDS have now developed the world's most energy efficient and environmentally friendly curing system.

The EcoCure system will utilise different sustainable energy sources such as Geothermal, Solar and heat generation from the plant and equipment to create the heat required with the curing system.

This system will enable manufacturers to produce at even lower costs and will provide a very Environmentally Friendly operation.

For more details please contact the CDS Group

We have now encompassed all the advantages of Envirocure in into the latest Envirocure II curing technology system.

The Envirocure II system is specifically designed to give the flexibility of having different controlled parameters in each kiln / lane. This enables different product groups to be cured at differing control parameters.
So, if desired, the customer can produce retaining wall, block and paving on the same shift and cure them at different temperatures and humidity levels, however maintaining the desired air circulation for constant conditions and the high level of energy efficiencies expected of all CDS Systems.

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Energy Efficient Drying....
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