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CDS Ltd, was formed in 1983 and is widely regarded as the world's leading supplier of advanced drying and curing systems for the ceramics and allied industries.

From the company's headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, CDS provide a fully comprehensive service to the industry from conceptual design though to project implementation and after-sales service. CDS' considerable expertise now embraces a group of companies serving the aspirations and requirements of the entire ceramic industry worldwide.

The industries served by the CDS Group include the following:
CDS Concrete arrowPrecast concrete CDS Concrete arrowTableware
CDS Concrete arrowSanitaryware CDS Concrete arrow'HT' porcelain insulators
CDS Concrete arrowHeavy clay (including bricks and tiles) CDS Concrete arrowIndustrial or 'special' ceramics
CDS are always striving for new technology and our systems are always developing. From the use of robotics in the handling of products through to the faster and more efficient systems. CDS are never standing still. Technology is always moving faster and faster and CDS will always keep its finger on the pulse.
CDS Group of Companies
Ceramic Drying Systems Ceramic Drying Systems Limited

The company was founded in 1983 with the clear objective of providing the most comprehensive service possible to the Ceramics Industry and to introduce modern and technologically-advanced techniques to the drying process.

Since that time, partly due to the company's growing reputation for customer service resulting in substantial repeat business, and partly through its innovative Research and Development programme, CDS has grown to a stage where it is now possibly the “largest specialist ceramic drying company in the world”.

Ceramic Drying Systems is structured into several different divisions ranging from Sanitaryware to Tableware and from Technical Ceramics to Heavy Clay products, each staffed by experts in that particular sector to offer the most comprehensive service possible.

A recent and most important addition to the company's activities has been in the field of concrete curing where CDS Concrete Curing Systems has made rapid inroads into the industry with new and advanced solutions to the production curing process.

Kilns & Furnaces Kilns & Furnaces

A relatively new addition to the Group, Kilns and Furnaces adds a further dimension with its expertise in kiln solutions for the pottery, studio, educational, craft, metals and glass markets. Trading successfully for over 50 years K&F are renowned suppliers and exporters of quality plant and machinery to these industries.

Kilns & Furnaces CDS Tuffplant

CDS Tuffplant is the leading UK supplier of glass tempering furnaces. Each furnace is custom built to suit the exact needs of every customer. The company's strength comes from a combination of over 60 years experience within the tempering industry, and the installation of over 150 various types of glass tempering systems world-wide. The company has two sites, one in Stoke-on-Trent, the other in Birmingham. Both have full manufacturing facilities. The Stoke site deals with overseas sales and customer liaison.

Advantages of CDS

Because the system is a worldwide product, CDS are fully conversant with the regulations that may occur in various countries and can provide systems that are technically and regulatory approved.

Once any system has been installed one of CDS greatest advantages that the system is extremely user friendly, the control system can be integrated with the existing or new plant and equipment, giving the customer exactly what they want.

The CDS Enivrocure System also offers the customer no real specialist equipment. All the equipment we use are usually off the shelf preparatory equipment, so if in the unlikely event of a piece of equipment failing, spare parts are usually available locally or if not, ex-stock CDS.

The CDS service department has a wealth of experienced engineers that can provide telephone assistance or on-site back-up. CDS prides itself on its service and after sales service. Having many Blue-Chip international companies it has always been an essential service that CDS will assist all our customers to provide a service bar none. CDS works on a strong pedigree of repeat business and we do this with a strong team of dedicated staff.

Our team knows that service of our customers is imperative... SERVICE... SERVICE... SERVICE...

CDS Concrete arrow Early strength gain. Products can be cured and packed in less time where required. The reduction in rack capacity and pallet quantity can pay for a CDS Curing System. Ship to your customers faster with confidence - reduce work in progress and dramatically reduce stock levels.
CDS Concrete arrow Curing and packing strength at 12 to 24 hours - for building block manufacturers. Curing and packing strength often are the limiting factors on cement content - which means that more cement is used than necessary to achieve final specified strength - wasting cement. The CDS System gives consistent curing at all positions in the curing chambers - so every product is cured in the same way. The curing regime can be optimised to ensure that strengths are achieved with minimum cement content.
CDS Concrete arrow Early demould strength - for wet casters. Reduce mould inventory and turn round moulds twice or three times per day. Reduce rejects and product damage due to poor early strength.
Product Quality
CDS Concrete arrow Consistent curing conditions at all positions in the racks or curing chambers - resulting in consistent colours and consistent strength development.
CDS Concrete arrow Virtual elimination of efflorescence - due to low surface evaporation and an enriched CO² atmosphere.
CDS Concrete arrow Brighter and more consistent colours. Enhance product quality, reduce reject levels, reduce customer complaints. Additionally, with live steam and uncontrolled curing systems the colour of decorative concrete products can vary within the rack or curing chamber. The controlled environment and air circulation on the CDS system elminates this problem.
CDS Concrete arrow

More abrasion resistance surface - due to low surface evaporation the water/cement ratio throughout the product is maintained at the desired level.

Eliminate Condensation
CDS Concrete arrow Freedom from condensation. In many curing systems, condensation occurs causing product damage, accelerated rack and building structure corrosion, damage and failure of electronics on finger cars, etc. ONLINE HANDLING AND PROCESSING -IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS.
CDS Concrete arrow Online rumbling, shotblasting, splitting, post processing, grinding, polishing, bush hammering, etc. Eliminate costly double handling, wasted strap and other packing materials. This applies to all machine made paving, architectural masonry, split sone and related products.
Why Cure Concrete?

Curing is the maintaining of a satisfactory moisture content and temperature in concrete during its early stages so that desired properties may develop. The curing process is essential for the production of concrete that will have the desired properties. Control of moisture loss and concrete temperature may not be necessary if ambient conditions are optimum; but, otherwise, curing procedures should begin as soon as required.

During the required cure time, the concrete should be protected from premature drying, excessively hot or cold temperatures.

The concept of curing concrete is often mistaken for the process of drying concrete. Curing is best described as the chemical reaction which turns the raw ingredients of a concrete mix into a man made agglomerate rock. Drying is the process of evacuating all of the excess water in the mix. This is water not used to hydrate the cement into a glue.

Curing of modern concrete requires the close control of the surrounding environment with:
CDS Concrete arrowAccurate Temperature Control CDS Concrete arrowGood Insulation
CDS Concrete arrowAccurate Humidity Control CDS Concrete arrowTime in the Curing Environment
CDS Concrete arrowRecirculation and Energy Saving  


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