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CDS Concrete for curing of pre-cast concrete products
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Engineering Services  

Due to the huge variations in the manufacturing techniques within the concrete industry it is vital that a flexible and fluid approach to the design, manufacture and installation of all aspects within this process is achieved.

This is the lifeblood of the philosophy in our approach to all our clients. With this in mind we approach each and every enquiry individually and on its own merits.

At CDS CONCRETE CURING SYSTEMS we offer all of our clients not only a vast wealth of experience in the manufacture of our products but a new and innovative approach to the manufacture of YOUR products.

Our curing systems are flexible for not only batch produced products but for continuous produced products also giving you, the client, the choice of the most economical & flexible system to suit your own manufacturing process.

Customer Services
All our systems are tailor made to suit our client’s requirements & include:
CDS Concrete arrowHot air curing systems
CDS Concrete arrowRecirculation only curing systems
CDS Concrete arrowHumidity injection & humidity control
CDS Concrete arrowMulti point monitoring to ensure all products are subject to the same curing conditions
CDS Concrete arrowBatch racking systems
CDS Concrete arrowBatch or continuous process curing chambers giving a more flexible approach to curing
CDS Concrete arrowMechanical & robot handling systems
Our designs consider even the most fundamental issues of the manufacturing process including:
CDS Concrete arrowType of product; wet cast or pre-cast CDS Concrete arrowClearances available
CDS Concrete arrowCements and materials available CDS Concrete arrowClients Budget
CDS Concrete arrowColour requirements CDS Concrete arrowAvailable fuel sources
CDS Concrete arrowProduct strength and handle ability CDS Concrete arrowHeat recuperation
CDS Concrete arrowExisting equipment in use  
Customer Services
CDS has a complete after sales service department that can assist you with any issues that may occur on the plant, however rare this may occur.

The company keeps all records for past contracts at hand and can provide spare parts, service and commissioning of the equipment quickly and effectively.
PLC Control Panel Contractor Panel
Installation Services

CDS has a team of dedicated installation personnel that can provide either a full turnkey installation of equipment or, as we do on many occasions, simply supervise the installation with local labour provided by either the customer or CDS. This approach assists the customer in keeping the overall installation costs down to an absolute minimum.

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