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Design Principles
Air Circulation
Air recirculation Air Circulation 2
Recirculation ducting Supply - Recirculation single lane

The heated air is evenly distributed throughout the chamber by means of a ductwork distribution system linked to a Primary Fan ‘down stream’ of the heat source. In this way the heated air is thoroughly pre-mixed with recirculation air from the chamber to minimise the temperature differential of the two airflows before re-entry into the chamber. A manually operated butterfly-balancing damper is fitted to each of the supply ducts into the chamber to ensure evenly heated air distribution throughout the system.
Recirculation air is then drawn from the chamber to be re-heated to the desired supply temperature before re-entry.

Temperature Control
PLC control panel
Temperature Control
A platinum bulb resistance detector mounted in a representative sample of recirculation airflow senses the temperature within the chamber. This signals the PLC controller located in a ‘remote’ Control Panel to modulate the heat input in accordance with the relevant set point programmed into the Instrument.
Humidity Control
Temperature Control Humidity Control
Humidity spay nozzle Humidity system
Humidity Control
Humidity spray nozzle
Humidity Control
  Humidity control panel

Humidity Input
Humidity input is provided via specialist humidity injection nozzles. Water is piped through the ‘non-drip’ valve assembly which, when activated, is opened by means of the pressure of the compressed air supply allowing the water to be atomised through the ultrasonic nozzle. Once the humidity set point has been reached, the water supply is switched off a split second before the compressed air, thus any remaining water inside the nozzle is forced out and because the nozzle is effectively empty, no dripping out of the end of the nozzle occurs.

The whole humidity injection system is controlled through a main ‘control panel’ which contains the necessary solenoid valves, and timers if applicable for the humidity control.

The system comes complete with water filters, an ultra-violet water disinfection unit and, if required a magnetic water softener. All equipment is individually sized to meet the demands of the client’s products.

Humidity Distribution
The humid air is evenly distributed throughout the chamber by means of a ductwork distribution system. The nozzles are positioned directly in the air stream at the point where the supply ductwork enters the chamber thus ensuring that condensation does not occur inside the ductwork causing unwanted corrosion.

Humidity Control
The humidity within the chamber is sensed by a specialist humidity sensor positioned either directly within the chamber or in the primary air recirculation ductwork depending on the type of system being installed. This signals the PLC controller located in a ‘remote’ Control Panel to modulate the humidity input in accordance with the relevant set point programmed into the Instrument.
PLC Control Panel
PLC Monitor
Contractor Panel
  Contractor Panel
Control Systems

Each Curing system will be controlled in the following method. The temperature of the chambers will be controlled via a platinum bulb resistance detector positioned in the main supply duct and a single heat source (if required) with a complete set of air & water solenoids for the humidity control. An RTD will also be fitted into the recirculation duct to override the heat input source control, should the temperature in the recirculation duct rise above a predetermined value. Overall control of the system can be provided with operator interface through a desktop PC loaded with a suitable control system software package.

Control Panels
A floor-standing IP55 enclosure, pre-wired electrical Control Panel will be provided for each system. Each panel will be positioned, on site, to suit the client’s individual requirements. The Control Panels will contain all the necessary electrical Switchgear, Contactors, Isolators, Fuses, Run and Tripped neon’s required to make the system operate.
Heating System

Heat for the curing process is generated by either a direct-fired burner or an indirect fired heat exchanger depending on the type of system to be installed. Almost any type of fuel can be accommodated thus ensuring minimal installation time of any new pipe work system.

All CDS burners & heaters come as a fully packaged unit incorporating all necessary flame failure and safety control built to meet all current International standards and specifications.

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