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For many years, CDS Group has pushed forward the boundaries of drying by developing the R-02™ technology; a method of drying that uses dry superheated steam at atmospheric pressure as the heating medium.
Do you need to dry biomass, food, waste streams?

Talk to us. Based in the UK, we are supported by a world-wide network of regionally located partners, agents and subsidaries. This regional representation ensures the highest quality of service and support.




CDS Ceramics
CDS Biodri CDS are the world's premier specialist ceramics drying company with over a thousand successful dryer installations currently in operation worldwide. CDS, a name synonymous with quality and reliability.
CDS Concrete
CDS Biodri CDS accelerated curing systems for the world of pre-cast concrete products. The superior concrete curing technology.
CDS Projects
CDS Biodri From feasibility to the future - there's only one solution. CDS Projects, your perfect partner for turnkey plant, specialist projects and process linking.
CDS Biodri
CDS Biodri R-O2™ technology for optimised, energy saving drying of food, animal feeds, biomass, waste streams and similar products.
CDS Glass
CDS Biodri Glass tempering technology and high temperature applications in the ceramic, glass and allied industries.
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